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Ryobi Ink Saver Software

Replaces obsolete Ryobi IVS and brings the power of Xitron's Keysetter Software to select Ryobi Presses and Consoles.

Xitron’s Ryobi Ink Saver (RIS) package is designed to replace Ryobi’s Ink Volume Setter software, which reached end-of-life status several years ago. Because Ryobi has not updated the software (offering only to replace it with something quite expensive) many Ryobi press owners are running their old IVS software on everything from Windows NT to Windows XP computers. IVS software is 32-bit only and the last certified OS supported was XP, which means installing the software on a modern platform is increasingly difficult to accomplish.

Designed for 64-bit PCs and Windows 10 Pro, RIS creates ink key data in the format required by Ryobi presses. Similar in functionality to the industry standard CIP3 PPF (print production file) format, RIS creates .DEM files that the Ryobi console understands and uses to preset ink keys prior to a press run. RIS is based on the Keysetter Pro platform and supports output to supported presses through a network connection or floppy disk exchange. Along with the .DEM files, a job thumbnail (preview) is also created and supplied to the press.

Input Format

Ryobi Ink Saver accepts 1-bit TIFF files and CIP3 (PPF) files. RIS then uses these files to create the ink key data for the Ryobi console. An optional, low-res Navigator RIP can be added so that the system can accept PostScript and PDF files as input formats. The RIP will then create the 1-bit TIFF files for submission to RIS. This may be useful if network traffic is a concern as 1-bit TIFF files can be quite large.

Supported Ryobi Presses/Consoles

  • PCS-F/3302-3304*

  • PCS-J, PCS-JX/520GE*

  • PCS-H/520GX

  • PCS-K/684-780

  • PCS-G/680-750-920

  • PCS-G/680-750-920

*Floppy disk only – network connection not supported

Supported Operating Systems

A minimum OS of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit is required. Future OS compatibility will match that of Harlequin RIP releases.

System Requirements

Recommended platform specifications are the same as those for a Navigator RIP. The PC should be a core i5 with at least 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. A USB port must be available for the workflow dongle. Co-locating this workflow package on a PC with other applications is generally not recommended. 

Existing Navigator Environments

Users with a current version of Navigator Server (workflow) can add the Keysetter Pro module, featuring RIS. It is licensable through its workflow dongle.

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