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KeySetter Ink Saving Software

Immediate ROI — Automated Ink Setting and Saves Big Time on Labor, Paper, and Ink

Improve your pressroom efficiency by communicating ink coverage data directly to your press, reducing make-ready time and materials waste.

Xitron’s KeySetter line is made up of two separate products: KeySetter (Lite or Pro) is software-only, and KeySetter Connect is a combination of software and hardware. Both products are designed to provide the pressroom with ink coverage data for jobs being printed on-press, reducing make-ready time, ink, and paper waste by an average of 20-50% – which can immediately increase your operating profit.

KeySetter Lite and KeySetter Pro

KeySetter Lite is a stand-alone software application designed to provide initial ink key settings for press consoles that don’t accept CIP3/4 data. Keysetter accepts the same one-bit TIFF files used to image the plate (PDF input options are also available), determines the ink coverage, and generates a PDF chart that can be printed for reference or viewed on-screen. The press operator uses this information to set the ink keys at a “start” position for the job, eliminating the need for adjustments based on time-consuming visual plate inspection.


KeySetter Pro adds Ink key presetting capability to non-CIP3 press consoles. Depending on the make and model of your console, KeySetter Pro can create the ink key files in the proprietary format required. For a list of supported console manufacturers, click here.


KeySetter Connect


KeySetter Connect combines the KeySetter software with a hardware connection to communicate ink key data directly with the console. In addition, all ink key adjustments made by your press operator are tracked and processed through automated trend analysis (ATA) and applied to the ink key database. This allows the operator to bring each subsequent job up to color quicker, more accurately, and with less waste. After processing fewer than 15 print runs, users report make-ready time savings of over 50% and the ability to get up to color in fewer than 150 sheets.

KeySetter Connect packages in the US include the computer platform, touch-screen monitor, and hardware interface to the console. A closed-loop option that incorporates an automated spectrophotometer (purchased separately) is available.


Simple to set up, understand, and use, KeySetter Connect can be integrated with your press console and operating in less than one day. For a list of compatible consoles, click here.


Job Preview

Press operators get a visual preview of each job right at their console, making it easy to verify the correct job is prepped and ready.

Paper Stock Curve Storage

Store profiles for up to three different paper stocks to quickly ensure accurate reproduction based on absorption and reflective response.

Optional Navigator
Workflow Module

Keysetter Pro and KeySetter Connect are modules that can be added to existing Xitron Navigator workflows. For KeySetter Pro, the addition is simply a code to license the option in the workflow. For KeySetter Connect, hardware (as described earlier) is required in addition to the license.

CIP Compatible

Accepts CIP3/4 (.ppf) and TIFF files. PDF input options are also available.

System Learning

KeySetter Connect intelligently learns from each job run based on the changes provided by the press operator. As more jobs are run, the system utilizes this information to make adjustments that more closely match print requirements.

Job Archiving

KeySetter Connect stores the final press settings for each press run, reducing make-ready for repeat jobs by as much as 90%.

Optional RIP Add-On

KeySetter Connect may be equipped with an optional low-resolution RIP that accepts PDF files to quickly convert job files to TIFF or CIP3 data. This option is available when CIP3 or TIFF output from the prepress workflow is an option.

KeySetter Closed-Loop

Optional closed-loop color control allows you to connect directly to an X-Rite EasyTrax or IntelliTrax scanner for fast, accurate measurement of color. Data is sent directly to KeySetter Connect and displayed for operator review and action.

Ryobi Ink Saver Software

Replaces obsolete Ryobi IVS and brings the power of Xitron's KeySetter software to select Ryobi Presses and Consoles.

Click here for additional information about Ryobi Ink Saver.

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