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Xitron PCA Interface for HP

Supporting HP's FI-1000 "Bar-in-Box page-wide printhead technology

Xitron PCA


Xitron's hardware interface for the HP® FI-1000 “Bar in a Box” Printhead is Compatible with Navigator DFE


The Xitron PCA (HP’s terminology ‘Printed Circuit Assembly’) is pin-compatible with the hardware reference design from HP®. At a base level it controls reset, power on, ink door state, and a special 1-watt power required by the power supply. It also passes TOF (Top of Form) signals and encoder pulses through to the HP® Main PCA. The reference design had two options each for TOF and encoder. The Xitron PCA supports the 3-pin TOF connector (J2 on the HP® PCA) and the 6-pin encoder connector (J7).


  • PCA hardware interface card

  • Engine controls

  • Engine maintenance control

  • Paper path controls

Key Features

A microcontroller running on the board has embedded firmware that, through external hardware control lines, supports additional functionality:

  • Three belt speed levels

  • Reading actual belt speed (from the encoder)

  • Reading the count of TOFs

  • Reading the HP GPO-20 signal, which is the number of pages ready on the printhead

  • Belt enable/disable

  • Feeder enable/disable

  • TOF enable/disable (to the HP Main PCA)

  • Vacuum enable/disable

  • Fan enable/disable

Additional Features

  • Pre- and post-page spit bars are configurable

  • HP's single-page (static) mode supported

  • Ink tanks can be encrypted specifically for an OEM

  • Micro USB and RS-232 serial ports


Most HP parameters, maintenance, and setup functions are supported. See the screenshots below: 

Base Configuration


Parameters are enabled at the start of each print cycle and are disabled when printing is complete or paused.

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