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Shipping in Fall 2024

K2 is first new commercial offset workflow in nearly two decades

Xitron's new premier K2 workflow is a full-featured package designed to drive virtually any new or existing CTP

engine. Designed to replace many of the aging systems installed by Kodak, Fujifilm, Agfa (Eco3) and Heidelberg over the past several years. Without compromising functionality, speed or performance, K2 will be a competitively-priced alternative to other high-priced upgrades and costly subscription models.


“As journalists, we recognize that offset fully deserves a showcase of its own. The fact is that conventional offset lithography remains the bedrock of graphic reproduction wherever print is manufactured and consumed.” 

WhatTheyTh!nk ~ Patrick Henry, published May 1, 2024

Built on a solid and proven foundation


Industry-leading Harlequin core. The fastest, most acutate PDF 2.0 interpreter available.


Global Graphics’ Mako Core and Intelligent Document Object Model (iDOM) provides flawless preflight and PDF optimization, along with ink remapping.


Color Exchange Format (CxF) color management technology from Color Logic.

Partial list of features:

  • Drag & Drop Architecture

  • Multiple PDF Upload at One Time

  • Thumbnail Page Preview

  • PDF Editing

  • Late Page Replacement

  • Client-Server Architecture

  • Mac and PC Clients

  • Intelligent Job Tracking

  • Bitmap Viewer

  • Simplified GUI

IntelliTrap PDF Trapping Engine


IntelliTrap is the PDF trapping engine developed for K2 by Hybrid Software. Not only is IntelliTrap extremely quick, it’s also interactive. You can inspect, compare, and modify traps on the fly, or leave it on automatic and simply inspect and verify.

Dynamic Imposition


Incredible job scheduling flexibility.

Let’s say you have a 16-page brochure scheduled for the SM 74, but you’ve got issues that will delay it going on press. Not a problem for K2. Simply edit the workflow and tell it to go on your 105 as two 8-page signatures. Click the Approve button, and in seconds the new imposition is created – ready for proofing and plating!

Quickly and efficiently prepare jobs for final plate, hard copy proofing, and electronic proofing. Fast, Easy, and Powerful, operators can view the imposed work and release it manually or set up for total automation. You never have to take the PDF out of the workflow and run it through a separate imposition application.

We invite you to schedule a demo of K2. Live demos allow us the opportunity to answer your questions in detail, learn about your requirements, and discuss ways Xitron can benefit you and your organization.

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