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Flexo Suite

A new direction for Flexo Prepress


A bold new direction for Flexo Prepress

Navigator Flexo Suite is a tightly integrated collection of workflow tools designed specifically for use with today’s Flexographic Computer-to-Plate systems. It's a modular concept that allows the user to create precisely the functionality they require, based on the type of printing they do.

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Navigator RIP

The first PDF 2.0 compliant RIP available, Navigator’s Harlequin pedigree sets it apart from the competition. Xitron has sold more than 40,000 Navigator RIPs around the world due to its consistency, speed, and rendering accuracy. Built-in features include user-defined resolutions up to 9,600 dpi, Harlequin Precision Flexo Screening with selectable dot shapes, and the ColorPro Color Management Module.

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Navigator Workflow

Intuitive, easy to configure and use, Navigator Workflow is a Client-Server based system. Clients can be installed on Mac and PC workstations throughout the shop and operators can maintain complete control of their jobs from submission to completion. Jobs are added to the workflow through drag & drop, hot folders, or direct print. As the system processes the jobs through each step, operators see the progress in real-time. The advanced, Pixel Level Preview adds another level of precision and confidence. Once completed, built-in archiving saves each job for reprint purposes.


Navigator Plate Controller

Tasked with assembling all your jobs and their various plates, Navigator Plate Controller employs a simple user interface along with drag & drop functionality. Operators select the one-bit TIFF separations from incoming jobs and populate the plate to save as much material as possible. Move, rotate, and add jobs simply by clicking and dragging them into position. Use the Auto Crop button to generate an output image that prevents wasting unused plate areas.

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SmartFlexo Screening

Take total control of your flexo screening needs with SmartFlexo screening. Adjust the settings to optimize results on plate and press by selecting AM to FM change points. Remove pixels from halftone dots and solid areas for better ink coverage with less ink. Maintain dots in hard-to-hold highlight areas with multiple SmartDot choices. Customize the response regardless of plate type.

We invite you to schedule a demo. Live demos allow us the opportunity to answer your questions in detail, learn about your requirements, and discuss ways Xitron can benefit you and your organization.

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