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Navigator Flexo Suite Options


Job pre-flighting

Automated job checking designed to find errors and automate fixes before mistakes make it to output. 


Additional user clients

Configure up to ten concurrent PC or Mac clients controlling the workflow from anywhere on the network.  . 


Raster PDF soft-proofing

Create rasterized PDF files of jobs for soft proofing or output on third-party systems while maintaining RIP accuracy.


Color-managed output

To a variety of  popular Epson SureColor printers.


Ink remapping

Quickly correct color separation issues before they to plate. Ink remapping allows the user to select inks (separations) and map them to alternate plates. 


Optional SmartFlexo Screening (Patented)

 A truly-intelligent screening module that is completely configurable based on your printing conditions. Program your minimum dot, supporting dots, dot shapes, and alignments. Choose precisely where you want the system to change from AM to FM dots for better highlight and shadow control. Tell the system to remove pixels for better coverage in solids. You can even automate the process through selectable screening templates. SmartFlexo puts controlled precision into your prepress process.


Smart Flexo Screen


Smart Dots


Shadow Area FM Smart Cells

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