PDF Pathfinder

White under-base, varnish, and contour creator


PDF Pathfinder Overview

Xitron’s PDF Pathfinder allows you to quickly and easily create a white under-base, varnish channel, or contour cut lines for artwork submitted as PDFs. Designed for the screen printing, direct-to-garment, label, and contour cut markets, PDF Pathfinder is a fast, economical way to create these channels instead of returning the artwork to authoring applications such as Illustrator or Photoshop. Simply drag the PDF into the Pathfinder window, select the objects requiring the under- base, varnish channel or cut lines, and click, "Create." You can then save the PDF to your workflow and take the job into production. Check out the videos and User Guide located here.            (PDF Pathfinder requires a Windows 10 operating system.)

PDF Pathfinder Features


Quickly add white underlayment and UV/topcoat colorants to PDF files.


Easy to use drag and drop interface doubles as a PDF Viewer and object inspector.


Generate custom clipping masks and cut contours prior to print production.