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Variable Data On Demand, On-time, and Under Budget


Variegator 2 unlocks the power of a digital press to produce high-profit variable data print jobs.

Variegator 2 is a simple, stand-alone application that makes variable data printing quick and profitable. Variegator 2 unlocks the power of a digital press to produce high-profit variable data print jobs such as labels, hangtags, and flyers. Sophisticated layouts and multiple variations including images, bar codes, colors, and data are easily assembled within an intuitive GUI.

Everything is Variable – Variegator 2 supports four variable element types: Text, Bar Code, Color, and Image. The variable data for each type can be defined in a single column, a combination of columns, or a combination of variable and static data. In addition, Variegator 2 allows users to place elements on different layers and individual layers can be locked to prevent accidental editing mistakes. 

Built-in Imposition – Create imposed layouts for roll and sheet material without going to another layout application. Use the advanced step & repeat tool to specify the output sheet (or roll) size and gutters. Variegator will automatically calculate the rows and columns of the variable data records and populate the output accordingly.

Hot Folder Automation – This allows users to create a hot folder that Variegator will monitor for a data file, such as a CSV. It will then output the job using a predefined template back into a hot folder. This makes running repeat jobs with new data much quicker and more automated, especially when paired with Xitron’s Navigator workflow. 

Mine Multiple Databases – Variegator2 supports multiple databases within a single variable data document. Choose different fields using data from different databases and combine them together in a single job. Variegator 2 supports all the common delimiter types as well as custom delimiters when needed. It even supports character encoding from both macOS and Windows platforms.


Enhance Your QR (optional) – Set the QR code color using flat colors, gradients, or images. The color of the eye (finder pattern) can be set independently and the shape can be customized. You can even set an image to be placed in the center of the QR code.


Image Support

Supports TIFF, JPG, PNG, and PDF image



Auto text width reduction


Import PDF

Import PDF


Auto Image Size

Auto image size or scale by percentage


Blank line suppression

Blank line suppression


Barcode Bar Width Reduction

Barcode bar width reduction, bar reduction factor, wide-to-narrow ratio, bar spacing



Supports overprint and knockout


Auto copy fit

Auto copy fit


Supports over 35 Barcode Styles

Supports over 35 standard bar code styles (1D, 2D, QR)

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