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Raster Blaster Pro

Organized Plate Production... by Design


Raster Blaster Pro drives more than 200 of the most popular CTP engines in use today.

Raster Blaster Pro is the logical extension of the industry’s original TIFF Catcher: Xitron’s Raster Blaster. Combining a sleek, efficient GUI and the world’s foremost CTP interface technology, Raster Blaster Pro provides intelligent, organized plate production to virtually any prepress workflow, regardless of the manufacturer. 

Want to economically couple a replacement workflow with your existing CTP device? Raster Blaster Pro is the key. Want to replace an aging CTP device but prefer a model not offered by your workflow vendor? No problem. Raster Blaster Pro accepts screened, raster 1-bit TIFFs and outputs them to more than 200 of the most popular CTP engines in use today

Even existing Raster Blaster users with USB interfaces can take advantage of increased functionality by migrating their old software to Raster Blaster Pro today!

Raster Blaster Pro Throughput

RB Screenshot.jpg

Raster Blaster Pro Features


Control Output from Anywhere on the Network

Raster Blaster Pro provides a browser-based interface so operators can control throughput from any workstation (macOS or Windows) at any time. 


Search Effortlessly

An indexed search capability makes it easy to locate any job, whether the plates have been previously imaged or put on hold awaiting approval.


Lose the Computer

New Raster Blaster Pro Kits include the Xitron Network Interface (XNI). This means a separate computer to host the software and interface is not necessary. XNI combines everything into one economical package with a very small footprint.


View and Organize Queues

Prioritize jobs according to pressroom needs based on criteria such as plate size, job grouping, rush, or hold.


Make No Mistakes

The enhanced thumbnail view of each job (including spot colors) ensures the right plates are released at the right time;  automatically or on - demand.


Touch Screen Compatible

Raster Blaster Pro is touch screen compatible and the user interface is designed for intuitive operation. No keyboard or mouse necessary, when the optional touch screen is purchased.


Communicate Effectively

Bi-directional communication with the output device through one of Xitron’s USB or Network Interfaces means everyone has current job status right at their fingertips.

Additional Raster Blaster Functionality

Supports Extended File Names

Bar Coding with Quick Release

Electronic Re-Plate Logs

Job Grouping

Held/Active/Completed Queue

Touch Screen Compatible

Job Re-Ordering


Preview Includes Spot Colors

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