Navigator Harlequin RIP and Workflow

Harlequin RIP Upgrades


Xitron Navigator Harlequin RIP and Workflow Upgrades

What if my RIP is a Harlequin, but not a Navigator?

For optimum interpretive performance, keep your Harlequin RIP up-to-date!


Xitron is currently shipping Navigator RIP software version 13.0r1 and Workflow version 8.4. To find out what upgrades are available for your RIP, download the Get Dongle Info file below. Print the file to your RIP. This will create a file called getdongleinfo in the SW folder of your RIP. Complete the Request Form below and attach the getdongleinfo file, then click Submit.

For customers with a Xitron support agreement in place, “dot” upgrades are free of charge. If your Navigator RIP software is version 12.0, you can request an upgrade to 12.0r1 through Be sure to include your dongle number in the request.


Xitron can upgrade most other branded versions of the Harlequin RIP. To find out what we can do for you, simply click the Get Dongle Info folder below and tell us what you have.


Older RIPs from Screen, Rampage, Fuji, Highwater, GIT, Creo, Scitex, and many others are eligible for direct upgrades, as are RIPs from RTI, Compose, and ECRM.


RIPs from other vendors such as Agfa, Heidelberg, and Kodak, are eligible for a significant credit towards new Navigator RIPs and workflow.

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