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Navigator Harlequin RIP Options

From in-RIP trapping to Simple Imposition, Xitron offers Navigator RIP options designed to save time and money.



TrapPro™ is an object-based Harlequin trapping option for the Navigator RIP that delivers outstanding performance with excellent memory utilization. Its powerful trapping engine is augmented by highly configurable trap settings that allow you to fine-tune your software RIP to accommodate a diverse range of job types and customer requirements. 


HXM Hybrid Screening

Designed to improve print quality by increasing the output LPI for any given resolution, Hybrid Screening uses a combination of AM and FM dots. If a printer is currently imagining plates at 2400 DPI with output at 150 LPI and is able to hold a 1% dot when printing on the required substrate, using HXM screens makes it possible to print at 200-250 LPI without any special pre-press or on press requirement. HXM substitutes FM dots in highlights and shadows for greater clarity and definition. 


Simple Imposition

Harlequin RIP Simple Imposition is an easy to use tool designed to address the most common imposition layout schemes, often eliminating the need for a separate imposition application. It can be used in a stand-alone Navigator RIP or in conjunction with Navigator workflow.



Automatically generate .ppf ink control files for press consoles capable of CIP3 import. 


HDS Screening

Frequency Modulated Screening (FM) places dots of varying sizes in a pseudo-random way to produce the required imaged without standard halftone screening. Some of the advantages include increased apparent sharpness and the removal of cross screen and object moiré. This is accomplished because the dots are dispersed instead of clustered as they are in a traditional periodic screen. 

Raster PDF sS.JPG

Raster PDF

Create rasterized PDF files of jobs for soft proofing or output on third-party systems while maintaining RIP accuracy.

Workflow Options


Ink Remapping

Quickly correct color separation issues before they get to plate.


Additional RIP Support

Control up to three RIPs and their respective output devices.

Network Hub and Cable

Additional Clients

Configure up to ten concurrent PC or Mac clients controlling the workflow from anywhere on the network. 


PDF Tools

Convert PS files to PDF inside the workflow; apply pre-flight profiles and action lists based on the Enfocus Library. Catch and correct common job errors before they get to plate while saving valuable time and money.


Viewer Plus

Upgrade the viewer module to include screen measurement and dot percentage tool for on-screen proofing accuracy. 


Ultimate Impostrip®

Imposition automation at Ultimate means lights out, hands free, true reliable automation. Designed with productivity in mind, Ultimate Impostrip® optimizes every aspect of your prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy-to-use yet extremely versatile.

We invite you to schedule a demo. Live demos allow us the opportunity to answer your questions in detail, learn about your requirements, and discuss ways Xitron can benefit you and your organization.

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