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Inkjet Cost Calculator

Quickly analyze inkjet production costs on a job-by-job basis.

Xitron’s Inkjet Cost Calculator is an online tool designed to help production inkjet press users determine costs on a job-by-job basis. It can be configured by each user to reflect current ink and inkjet head costs, and changed or updated whenever necessary. Jobs are uploaded through a simple user interface where they are analyzed according to the user’s stored criteria, and a cost report is returned in a matter of seconds.

The analysis can be viewed on-screen or downloaded as a PDF or CSV file. Details such as total drops, total ink coverage, and total ink used are also included in the report. Xitron’s inkjet cost calculator is available for Memjet-based systems such as Aspen, Beech, and Duralink, as well as Canon Fine Tech systems. Sold on a subscription basis, the calculator can be found here.

To request subscription information, click here.

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