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Rampage and the end of an Era

If you’ve spent much time around prepress software in the last two decades, Rampage is a familiar name. For many years Rampage was a popular choice among prepress professionals. Even though the company dissolved and Fujifilm bought the support contracts a few years ago, many power users refused to replace their systems with new software, vowing to keep it running as long as possible.

Based on conversations I’ve had with several users recently, it appears the time has come to give up the Rampage ghost. I’ve scheduled and run demonstrations of Xitron workflow packages for more Rampage users in the last few weeks than I did all last year. This tells me (and the operators confirm) that the systems are dying at an increasing rate.

While it’s a little sad to see an era end, this offers an opportunity for Rampage users to see just how far other workflows have come. I know they have an element of skepticism coupled with high expectations when they sit down for a demonstration. Because of that, it’s always rewarding to hear, “Wow. That’s pretty cool.” Or, “I like that,” when they compare features and functionality against what they are used to.

Of course, the real reward is when we replace a Rampage system and the customer tells us how happy they are with the decision. The ultimate indicator of our success, however, is when we hear, “I wish I had done this sooner.” That’s when we know we have a chance to earn their loyalty. This has happened several times in the last few weeks and it looks like it will continue into 2019. If you are a current Rampage user, or know somebody who is, it might be time to take a look at the future.

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