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Now You Really, Really Need to Replace Your Windows 7 OS

Following up on my last blog post, Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 has ended. This means that no security updates will be forthcoming, leaving Windows 7-based platforms open to intrusion. While it’s not likely that your RIP platform will be commandeered and turned into an Eastern European porn server, there are legitimate risks that cause your IT folks some headaches and ulcers. Malware and Ransomware top the list of possibilities so upgrading the OS of your RIP platform is worthy of serious consideration.

During the last 90 days, we’ve been contacted by dozens of pro-active IT folks looking to get platforms and RIPs upgraded to avoid any danger. What many have found is that the two aspects are dovetailing nicely. Moving the RIP and the OS to 64-bit platforms together makes for a clean upgrade environment. If you are currently running a version 11 or older Harlequin RIP on Windows 7, the Microsoft announcement is something you should be paying attention to. The increased performance, stability, and interpretive accuracy of the first PDF 2.0 compatible RIP makes the combination of Windows 10 and Harlequin V12 a win-win.

Contact Xitron at 734-913-8083 or write Have your dongle information available, as well as details such as interface, output device, and any special requirements you’d like to discuss. We can design an upgrade path that will take advantage of the latest Harlequin technology for your environment. Remember that your RIP doesn’t have to be a Navigator from Xitron in order to get help. If you are currently running a Compose, ECRM, RTI or other Harlequin brand, we can still get you to v12/Windows 10 success.

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