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Navigator Version 13

With Xitron’s release of version 13 of the Harlequin RIP comes some pretty exciting opportunities for Navigator users. The old model is still in place of course. You can upgrade your RIP and workflow at a special price and enjoy the benefits and improvements that version 13 has to offer. When the next major release comes out, you can then choose to upgrade when, and if the changes and improvements are relevant to your working environment, operating system, or other needs.

However, you can also choose to migrate to a subscription-based plan that may offer additional benefits. When moving to a subscription model, future upgrades and technical support are included. Like many other “software as subscription” packages available today, the subscription is paid monthly and can be set up to auto-pay directly from your credit card. Since the licensing system for most users is now a soft-lock (or code) instead of a physical dongle, a new license is sent electronically each month shortly after the payment arrives. Support coverage for USB interfaces can be included, which means if that if the hardware falters the user doesn’t have to pay for a new interface.

Why Choose a Software as Subscription Upgrade?

As with cars, your mileage may vary. However, here are a few things to think about

• You are always on the latest version — Since upgrades are built into the monthly subscription, you’ll never be behind.

• Add options — You can add functionality such as Trapping or CIP3 to the license and the extra cost is way less than the purchase price.

• Save capital —Hang on to large chunks of cash and still have new software for the prepress department.

Why Keep a Perpetual License?

• You only upgrade every few years — If you aren’t one of those people who “has to have” the latest and greatest, a perpetual license could end up costing less.

• You already paid for the options — If your RIP is already loaded with all the bells and whistles, you’re already entitled to them at no additional cost when you upgrade a perpetual license.

• Save Capital — You can do the same thing with 90 days, six months, or 12 months same as cash financing through Xitron’s financing programs.

You can read more about the release of version 13 here. If you’d like to explore the upgrade options for your current Xitron Navigator, Compose, RTI, Presstek, or ECRM RIP, click here.

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