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Exceeding Expectations: A RIP and Workflow Story

One of the best things about helping a customer get up to speed with new RIP and workflow products is getting to see the difference it makes in their production. Having the opportunity to make a difference more than once at the same shop isn’t a common experience but when it happens it’s especially satisfying.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with John Zell of Camera Graphics in Portland, Oregon and the topic of discussion was how Xitron software had made a difference in his business; not just once, but twice. You can read his story along with several others on the Xitron website here:

John’s application is pretty unique in that it requires him to output to film. As most of you know, this is not as easy as it sounds as imagesetters are the horse and buggy equivalent to today’s SUV’s. The point is, even though a piece of software might be written for a more pedestrian application or function, a little creativity may allow for a profitable adaptation.

John had the foresight to recognize a niche to which few people had paid attention, and then he capitalized on it. He also called on a partner who had helped him almost 15 years earlier and found we were up for another challenge. Speaking to the support team about an OS-related issue sparked the rest of the conversation.

Satisfying? Yes, but fun also. A lot of interesting things can happen when someone asks the question, “I wonder what would happen if we did this . . .”

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