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Inkjet Direct 

Xitron’s Inkjet Direct (IJD) plug-in for the Harlequin RIP allows you to output film positives using Epson printers. Specifically designed to give you fine ink control beyond the capabilities of the Epson print driver, IJD offers professional imaging results without an imagesetter or chemical processor, both of which can be costly to maintain. Using Epson UltraChrome™ HD pigment ink, developed and certified for use in screen printing applications, IJD is capable of producing film with a Dmax up to 4.0. 


Because the Navigator RIP and workflow are the heart of the system, all the benefits of using a professional RIP apply to your film production. These include precision screening, minimum dot control, calibrated accuracy, and native PDF processing. The workflow module provides job management, enhanced preview capability, and accessibility from any Mac or PC on your network.


IJD is also capable of producing metal printing plates through the supported Epson printers, which are listed below.


Supported Epson Printers 


The current version of IJD supports the following Epson printers:


  • Epson SureColor T3000

  • Epson SureColor T3270

  • Epson SureColor T5000

  • Epson SureColor T5270

  • Epson SureColor T7000

  • Epson SureColor T7270


  • Espon Stylus Pro 4900 

  • Epson SureColor 7900  

  • Epson SureColor 9900

  • Epson SureColor 7890 

  • Epson SureColor 9890

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