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Leasing Program for Commercial Printers

Five Ways To Keep Your Cash Flow Healthy

It is important for every business owner to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow. Simply put, cash flow is one of the most critical aspects or running a business. There are a number of opportunities to conserve your business' cash - here are a few easy tips. 


  1. Know what drives your business - Spend some time researching what really makes your business successful. What have your customers come to expect from you, and what sets you apart from your competitors? Once you've established your profit center, you can work on maximizing it for your business. 

  2. Set prices accordingly - Evaluate your product and service costs closely. Along with your business' image and overhead expenses, use this information to set prices and generate profit. Carefully assessing your costs and looking for new ways to reduce spending will create efficiency for your business, 

  3. Save the cash you have on hand - Be selective about where allocate your cash. Use cash only when it's completely necessary, and avoid committing to purchases before you actually need them. 

  4. Don't buy, lease instead - When it makes sense for your business, leasing equipment is a great option for conserving capital. With 80% of all U.S. businesses leasing some type of equipment, it's easy to understand why. Leasing your business equipment allows you to take advantage of several tax benefits while deducting the monthly payments from your taxable income. Leasing also allows you to respond to flexibility to technology changes since most leases only last for 2 or 3 years, leaving you free to upgrade to newer equipment as it becomes available. 

  5. Choose multi-purpose tools - When you do upgrade to new equipment, always consider tools that can do multiple jobs. This is one of the easiest ways to decrease spending and maximize efficiency. 

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