Proofing Production with Navigator Harlequin RIP Proofing Solutions


What is a Proof?

A proof is a simulation of a print job. Traditionally it was thought that the most accurate proof was produced from the same negatives used to produce the plates.

Inkjet proofing has given rise to a number of specialty color RIPs that produce very accurate color outside of the RIP that produces the plates. There are a lot of good systems that produce beautiful color, but are they all truly proofs?

Actually there are only two ways to get a real proof: Producing the proof with the same RIP used to produce the plates OR with the same 1-bit TIFF files used to produce the plates (This second option is called “ROOM proofing”). Anything else is just a pretty picture. Once you are making proofs and plates with the same system then it is time to talk color quality. Then price.

We decided to approach proofing in the Harlequin RIP from scratch. Our goal was to encourage Printers to use the same RIP for both proofing and plate making. How?

  1. Create a proofing system that provably matches printing standards such as Gracol®, SWOP®, and Fogra on a variety of papers out of the box.
  2. Do this in a RIP system that also supports hundreds of CTP, film and DI output devices.
  3. Create a ROOM proofing option.
  4. Price it attractively.

Navigator Proofing Solutions

The Navigator Harlequin RIP Proofing Solution concept is simple; Xitron uses one RIP engine to drive not only the inkjet proofer but also the final output device. With a Navigator Harlequin RIP Proofing plug-in you can be assured that the output from the proofer will match industry standards and be reproducible on press. We also combine a custom profile compatible with an industry standard for a specific paper.

Navigator Proofing solutions consists of four elements:

  1. A RIP plug-in or separate proofing RIP for an Epson or Canon proofer
  2. Color profiles tuned specifically for the proofer and papers
  3. Xitron X1 Media or other supported paper (as specified by Xitron)
  4. Customer supplies supported Epson or Canon proofer

Is it accurate? Can you match it on press easily? Yes.

We recommend SpotOn! from SpotOn! Press, SpotOn reads a proof and measures it against press standards for a colorimetrical analysis of your proof. The charts above are examples of the readings available with SpotOn!.

How are Navigator Proofing Plug-ins created?

Navigator Proofing plug-ins are developed at Xitron to optimize the proofing output. For each inkjet media and press standard, a specific ICC profile is created and verified. Xitron utilizes the G7® method of process controls for the neutrality and tonality of an image whether on a proof or from a press of any kind. Detailed information regarding the G7 process may be found at

Each custom profile is created for a use with a specific inkjet media and to meet a specific industry printing condition or standard. For commercial printing applications, Xitron recommends the use of Xitron’s X1 Inkjet Media which has been found to provide outstanding proofs when printing to the Gracol 2006 standard.

By combining the custom ICC profile, with the Navigator Harlequin RIP Proofing plug-in or Navigator Harlequin proofing RIP and the appropriate inkjet media and printer, Xitron has made it easy for our customers to produce accurate, high quality proofs. By using the same RIP or RIP technology to produce your plates, and matching your press standard, Navigator Harlequin RIP Proofing Solutions provide a real proof.

Maintaining Proofing Quality

Matching your proof to a press standard is only half of the process. In the pressroom, a quality assurance process must be implemented including color measurements made with a spectrophotometer. Adherence to standard processes such as Fogra, SWOP, or Gracol from the IDEAlliance GRACoL Committee is just as important as getting a standard proof.

Custom Services

Xitron also offers additional services to help you meet your proofing and press run requirements. Contact your Xitron or a Xitron Dealer for additional details regarding custom inkjet media profiling and consulting services that may be available.

Advantage of Navigator Proofing Solutions

Navigator Proofing Solutions for Epson and Canon proofers provide:

  • Simple, out-of-the-box color accuracy for Gracol®, SWOP® and Fogra printing conditions
  • Direct support for all ink cartridges in the Epson or Canon proofer printers
  • Gracol, SWOP and Fogra compatible profiles for Xitron X1 andselect Epson or Canon proofing papers
  • Advanced screening specifically designed for Epson and Canon printers
  • Ability to produce proofs with the same RIP that produces plates
  • ROOM Proofing
  • Direct integration in Navigator Harlequin RIP workflow solutions


Navigator Harlequin RIP Proofing Solutions affordably priced and can be easily added to your existing Navigator Harlequin RIP or Navigator Harlequin RIP workflow based on the proofer you wish to drive. For complete pricing and availability, contact Xitron or your Xitron Dealer.