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Navigator DFE

Need a Digital Front End for your Inkjet Press?


Navigator DFE Overview

Xitron’s customizable, brandable, browser-based GUI transforms our DFE into yours.

Based on the fast and accurate Harlequin Host Renderer, the Navigator DFE helps you prepare your jobs, keep track of them, position them on press, manage the color, and is ready to support printheads from many manufacturers.

Xitron DFEs support drive electronics from Meteor and Global Inkjet Systems and directly drive all Memjet and Canon Finetech heads. All Memjet heads are supported including Northstar, Sirius, VersaPass, Aspen, Beech, DuraLink, and DuraFlex. Xitron’s DFE also supports HP’s Fixed Imager 1000 “Bar-in- Box” PageWide technology printhead.

Custom integration with your paper handling system and API is available, or you can use our API in the background of your own system.

For the most economical DFE development available, contact Xitron at 734-913-8080 or oeminfo@xitron.com 


Available Features:​


Job Management


Brand/spot color matching


Brandable GUI


Color Management with ICC Profiles


Hands-free automation options through XML and JDF


API available for Integration with your software


Manual color curve adjustments for quick edits


Touch screen compatible


Custom Engineering available including Engine Control

Xitron PCA


Xitron's hardware interface for the HP® FI-1000“Bar in a Box” Printhead is Compatible with Navigator DFE


The Xitron PCA (HP’s terminology ‘Printed Circuit Assembly’) is pin-compatible with the hardware reference design from HP®. At a base level it controls reset, power on, ink door state, and a special 1-watt power required by the power supply. It also passes TOF (Top of Form) signals and encoder pulses through to the HP® Main PCA. The reference design had two options each for TOF and encoder. The Xitron PCA supports the 3-pin TOF connector (J2 on the HP® PCA) and the 6-pin encoder connector (J7).


  • PCA hardware interface card

  • Engine controls

  • Engine maintenance control

  • Paper path controls

Key Features

A microcontroller running on the board has embedded firmware that, through external hardware control lines, supports additional functionality:

  • Three belt speed levels

  • Reading actual belt speed (from the encoder)

  • Reading the count of TOFs

  • Reading the HP GPO-20 signal, which is the number of pages ready on the printhead

  • Belt enable/disable

  • Feeder enable/disable

  • TOF enable/disable (to the HP Main PCA)

  • Vacuum enable/disable

  • Fan enable/disable

Additional Features

  • Pre- and post-page spit bars are configurable

  • HP's single page (static) mode supported

  • Ink tanks can be encrypted specifically for an OEM

  • Micro USB and RS-232 serial ports

Most HP parameters, maintenance, and setup functions are supported. See the screenshots below: 

Base Configuration



Parameters are enabled at the start of each print cycle and are disabled when printing is complete or paused.