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Fuji RIP — Fuji TIFF Catcher

Xitron’s Fuji RIP kit and Fuji TIFF Catcher (Raster Blaster) replace the original Fuji RIP, Rampage RIP, or XMF workflow distributed with the Fuji CTP device.


Harlequin RIPs and workflows, Adobe workflows, and Raster Blaster TIFF Catchers are available to drive the following devices through Xitron’s USB interface:


  • Dart 4300E, 4300S

  • Javelin 8300E, 8300S, 8600E, 8600S, 8600Z, 8800E, 8800S, 8800Z

  • Luxel T-6300, T-6300CTP, T-6300CTP S, T-9000, T-9300CTP, T-9300CTP S, T-9500CTP, T-9500CTP S, T-9500CTP HS, T-9800CTP HS, T-9800CTP S, T-9800CTP HS, T-9800CTP E, 9500 ME

  • 5040, 5055 (PIF)


The following devices are driven through SCSI interfaces and require additional configuration:


  • Luxel F4080, F9000 (Fuji Sumo)

  • vx9600, vx6000, V-9600 CTP

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