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Trendsetter RIP –

Trendsetter TIFF Catcher

Xitron’s Creo Trendsetter RIP and Creo TIFF Catcher (Raster Blaster) are designed to replace RIP and workflow components originally distributed by Creo, Heidelberg, and Kodak.


Harlequin RIPs, Workflows, and TIFF Catchers are available for the following Creo CTP devices:

  • Creo RIP and TIFF Catcher kits for Creo, Heidelberg, and Kodak Trendsetter 3230, 3244, 400 Quantum, 400, 4557, 5067, 5080, 5467, 5880 [Standard (S), Fast (F), and Very Fast (V)] 8-up 800 Quantum, 800, VLF (SCSI)

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