USB-SCSI Interface


Xitron’s development of the USB-SCSI interface grants new life to thousands of expensive computer-to-plate devices being rendered obsolete because of outdated and unsupported technology. SCSI cards, which are unavailable, unsupported, or incompatible with current Windows operating systems (such as 64-bit) are obsolete. This puts your CTP investment at risk and your production in jeopardy.

Xitron has solved this problem with the patented USB-SCSI interface. The savings potential for each installation can be thousands of dollars. Replace your current RIP, workflow, Print Drive, or Print Console with a Xitron Navigator, Navigator Workflow, or Raster Blaster TIFF catcher and keep your CTP unit running full speed ahead!

The USB-SCSI interface is currently compatible with the Kodak, Creo, and Heidelberg Trendsetters (MPE), Agfa Palladio (single-ended and high voltage differential), and the Mitsubishi Eco. More device compatibility is planned so check with your Xitron representative for updates.