Sierra 5 Adobe PDF Workflow

Adobe PDF Print Engine Workflow

Manage Your Prepress Demands with Xenith Sierra

Based on JDF and the Adobe PDF Print Engine technology, Xenith Sierra 5 is an excellent solution for printers who need comprehensive control over every job. By automating prepress tasks, Xenith Sierra provides the power to substantially increase throughput, improve quality, reduce errors, and maximize performance. Sierra 5 supports hundreds of output devices including proofers, imagesetters, platesetters, digital presses, and production copiers manufactured by Agfa, ECRM, Fuji, Heidelberg, Kodak, Presstek and others.

A major advantage of Sierra 5 over other workflow products is the lower cost of support. Sierra bundles include either a 1-year or 3-year support agreement. Sierra users with support agreement are eligible for complementary software upgrades throughout the term of their agreement. Users are able to lock-in the support and upgrade costs for up to three-years. 

Sierra 5 Features

Xenith Sierra incorporates a host of performance enhancing features and options designed to make the prepress department as automated and efficient as possible. Some of the capabilities include:

Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5

Utilizing the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine core technology, operators can submit jobs as PostScript, PDF, or JDF. Sierra accepts all standard input formats.

Cross Media Capability

Sierra 5 is designed to support all types of output devices. Last minute changes to output device can be made by the operator via a simple click of the mouse automatically updating finishing details and imposition on the fly.

3D Proofing

This unique functionality allows operators to view completed, bound jobs in a 3D format, ensuring proper imposition and binding instructions will be carried through production. Jobs may be submitted to customers and then viewed in their “final” format allowing the client to even flip pages in a booklet. Even paper stock and spot varnish may be simulated.





Dynamic Template Imposition

Using dynamic templates, any job page may be submitted to Sierra as soon as it is ready, rather than waiting for the entire document to be complete. Sierra builds a Run List that determines the order and placement of pages in the finished imposition while automatically tracking revisions, providing a history of changes to the job. Dynamic templates result in fewer templates reducing time and errors. Templates from popular imposition programs may be imported into Sierra 5 for direct use or editing making the transition to Sierra 5 far easier for operators.


Scalable Production Capacity - Multiple Streams

Sierra makes it easy for operators to create multiple workflow streams to facilitate any production need. Jobs can automatically route through the system based on press, platesetter, imposition schemes, or proofing cycles.

File Integrity

Xenith Sierra provides accurate preflighting and error correction for any PDF workflow using the industry standard Enfocus preflight library.

Adobe Trapping

Adobe in-RIP trapping is a standard feature of Xenith Sierra Imposition. Fully integrated and automated, Xenith Sierra provides imposition capability within the workflow. Sierra can create an imposition from scratch or accept templates from the most popular third-party imposition programs, allowing users with existing tools to keep their current imposition schemes intact. Sierra automatically selects signatures based on the finished page specifications, binding style and number of pages in the job. Sierra even supports JDF imposition.


Ink Remapping

Operators can use Sierra for remapping inks with name variations to their proper plates, instead of forcing them to return to the authoring application. For instance, Pantone 199 CV, Pantone 199 CVC, Pantone 199 CU, or Rubine Red may all appear as different inks within a job but Sierra will properly RIP the information to a single separation.


Output Devices

Combined with Xitron’s ability to support hundreds of different output devices, Xenith Sierra is easily the most flexible workflow on the market, providing output to film, plates, digital presses and production copiers and printers. Sierra’s CIP4 allows you to send data to compatible press consoles for automatic ink presetting. Xitron's KeySetter Connect adds the ability to accept CIP data to press consoles from most press manufacturers.


Inkjet Proofing

Sierra drives the most popular inkjet proofing devices from Epson and Canon.


Sierra 5’s integrated archive feature makes it easy to store jobs locally or on a remote server. Archived jobs can be located by job name, job number, or date range. Within seconds after clicking restore, the jobs are ready to run or edit, like they never left the system. Need to rerun a plate damaged in the pressroom? Sierra's plate ID system reduces press downtime by allowing any operator to quickly rerun a plate by simply entering a short id code printed on plate.


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