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Looking Ahead to 2022

As many of you have discovered, keeping a business going during a pandemic can be challenging. Your focus and priorities change, and your teams concentrate on projects that bring immediate positive impact. By the same token, some of the lower priority items (such as Blog posts) tend to get short shrift. This is a long way of explaining why nothing has been posted here since the release of Navigator version 13 last year. We’re happy to turn some attention once again to this venue; especially since there are some interesting product improvements to talk about.

Mac Catalina and Big Sur

We’re happy to say that Catalina and Big Sur compatibility is now available in the Navigator workflow. We know that many of you have been waiting patiently, and we are now shipping this version. Once your system is upgraded, you’ll be able to update your Mac OS and rest assured that the workflow Clients will work as intended.

New Viewer with Added Functionality

As part of this latest release, the job preview module has been completely revamped. Panning and zooming through RIPed jobs is now easier and no longer limited to a few magnifications. Also, there is a new function that allows the operator to quickly get a visual read on the screen angles of every color. An option in previous releases, this is now included at no charge.

New SCREEN Plug-ins

For customers hoping to drive Their SCREEN PT-R platesetters through the Gigabit Ethernet Plug-in instead of a traditional PIF interface, that plug-in is here and available. As some of you know, SCREEN began outfitting their engines with the Gigabit Ethernet connection a few years ago, allowing the engine to communicate through the network instead of dedicated cabling. As these CTP engines become more and more prevalent on the market, Xitron Navigator users know they’ll be able to take advantage of the technology.

Just as important and worth repeating, SCREEN no longer offers the HQ RIP or upgrades to existing systems. If you are a current SCREEN HQ RIP user who would like to upgrade and stay with Harlequin RIP technology, Navigator is your only authorized answer.

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