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Sierra Recommended Specs

Sierra Mac Client Spec.jpeg

Workflow Operating System


Windows 10 (64-bit)



12 Monterrey

11 Big Sur

10.15 Catalina

10.14 Mojave

10.13 High Sierra

10.12 Sierra



Intel Core i7 or higher (Server)

Intel Core i3 or higher (Windows Client)

Intel (macOS Client)

Hard Drive_sm.jpg

Hard Drive

2 - 2 TB set up as RAID 1 (Server)

40 GB minimum (Windows Client)

40 GB minimum (macOS Client)


16 GB (Server)

4 GB (Windows)

4 GB (macOS)

The above describes the minimum specifications of the platform required to run the software. 

Current Xitron products will not officially support macOS Catalina upon its release. We strongly advise customers not to upgrade their Mac operating systems to Catalina until Xitron releases compatible Client software.

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