Panther RIP 

Panther TIFF Catcher

Panther RIP - Panther TIFF Catcher


Xitron’s Panther RIP and Panther TIFF Catcher replace the Mac-based Panther RIPs originally shipped by PrePress Solutions, Monotype, and Alfaquest. Harlequin RIPs, workflows, and Raster Blaster TIFF Catchers are available to drive the following models:


  • PantherPlus, PantherPlus/36, PantherPlus/46, PantherPlus/52, PantherPro, PantherPro/36, PantherPro/46, PantherPro/62HS


All Panther imagesetters are driven through a SCSI interface. Special configuration may be required.