KeySetter Connect

Make-ready Redefined

KeySetter Connect Overview

Xitron’s KeySetter Connect takes ink key presetting to the next level. While there are many solutions on the market offering CIP3/4 capability, few have the ability to learn from your pressmen. This is an important distinction because it is the difference between a simple starting point and measurable labor and material savings.

With KeySetter Connect, all ink key adjustments made by your pressman are tracked and processed through automated trend analysis (ATA), and applied to the ink key database. This allows the pressman to bring each subsequent job up to color quicker, more accurately, and with less waste. After processing fewer than 15 print runs, users report make-ready time savings of over 50% and the ability to get up to color in fewer than 150 sheets. Simple to set up, understand, and use, KeySetter Connect can be integrated with your press console and operating in less than one day. For a list of compatible consoles, click here.

Users who prefer to take readings through an online scanning photo spectrometer for closed-loop control also benefit from KeySetter’s ATA by automating the process of measuring ink densities in the color bars during each press run.


Beyond CIP3 - Intelligent Ink Key Presetting