Sierra Workflow

Featuring the Adobe PDF Print Engine

Manage Your Prepress Demands with Sierra


Xitron’s Sierra Prepress Workflow offers a unique combination of automation and control captured within a simple user interface. Based on the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine, it combines pre-flight, imposition, proofing, and final output in an easy-to-follow workflow window.

Scalable and economical, Sierra promises accurate file interpretation and productive throughput for 4-up, 8-up, and VLF commercial prepress, as well as digital and hybrid environments. Achieve prepress independence by driving any of over 250 output devices from Kodak, Agfa, Screen, ECRM, Presstek, and others. 



Cross Media Workflow for digital, offset and hybrid applications.

Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) core offers the latest in interpretive power with JDF compliance.

PDF Preflighting and automated job correction through the celebrated Enfocus Library.

Advanced Soft Proofing in 2D and 3D formats offers a digital look at trims, bleeds, binding, and light response to ink, substrate and varnish.

Adobe In-RIP Trapping offers quality and efficiency at no extra charge.



Fully Integrated, Dynamic Imposition replaces expensive stand-alone applications, reducing the cost of ownership.

Client-Server Architecture allows multiple operators complete functionality from anywhere on the network.

Ink Remapping helps operators avoid wasted time and material by properly combining like separations caused by errors in design.

Output Support for over 250 different platesetters, imagesetters, proofers, digital printers, and digital presses.


What's new in Sierra 5.0