Screenmaker Pro Harlequin RIP & Workflow for Screen Printers

Screenmaker Pro Harlequin RIP and workflow for Legend DTS direct-to-screen systems

The Screenmaker Pro RIP and workflow includes client software for Mac and PC and a custom device driver for the Legend DTS system from ActiCameras. Producing screens for your screen printing requirements has never been as easy.

Legend_2800-250pixels-RGB.jpgScreenmaker Pro incorporate sophisticated on-screen soft-proofing tools that allow the user to see the final processed job. Included is the ability to select the substrate color and to define any color as an opaque, such as a white underbase, so that jobs can be viewed accurately on colored substrates.

The integrated soft-proofing viewer is adjustable from 5%-800% magnification, allowing the user to inspect the file in a processed format. Jobs can be viewed as a composite or any combination of single or multiple separations.


Screenmaker Pro Features

  • Xitron Navigator Harlequin RIP technology
    • High performance, high quality RIP technology for screen printing
  • Direct driver for Legend DTS direct-to-screen system
    • Direct-to-screen output
  • PDF and PostScript Input
    • Native processing of commonly used file formats
  • Integrated soft proofing
    • Preview jobs from any desktop
  • Job Tracking
    • Track job progress throughout the system
  • Variable output
    • Selectable output of 360, 720 or 1440 dpi
  • Expandable
    • Add features and capabilities as needs dictate

Screenmaker Pro RIP

  • Native processing of PDF 1.7
  • Native processing of PostScript
  • Native processing of XPS 1.0
  • HD Photo support

Supported Input File Formats

  • PostScript® Language Level 1, 2 and 3 specifications
  • PDF 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
  • PDF/X-1a:2001, PDF/X-3:2002, PDF/X-3:2003, PDF/X-4
  • XPS 1.0
  • TIFF™ 6
  • DCS and DCS 2
  • EPS
  • JBIG2
  • HD Photo

Screenmaker Pro Workflow

  • Mac and PC clients
  • Ability to control multiple Legend DTS systems (optional)
  • Integrated on-screen soft-proofing
  • 5%-800% Viewer magnification
  • Substrate color simulation
  • User definable underbase color within Viewer
  • User controllable job management
  • Extensive job tracking
  • Legend DTS device control from client software
  • Expandable with additional clients (optional)

For information about the Screenmaker Pro RIP & Workflow or the ActiCamera Legend DTS 2800 or Legend DTS 4800 direct to screen systems contact:


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