KeySetter Pro

Proprietary ink key press console files for Adast, Lithrone, Mitsubishi, Polly, Sakurai and Shinohara

Using KeySetter Pro to generate ink key presetting files


KeySetter Pro adds automation to the pressroom by automatically calculating the initial ink key setting required for individual jobs.

With three simple steps, KeySetter can make preparing for printing as easy as ready, set, print.

First the job file is sent from the prepress department to the KeySetter software application.

Next KeySetter examines the file and generates the initial ink key settings and then produces either a proprietary file format to be read by a specific press. Job data may be sent from the prepress workflow to KeySetter either as a TIFF, CIP3/CIP4 or if necessary, KeySetter may be equipped with its own low resolution RIP to provide the necessary input.

Finally the KeySetter ink key file is transferred to the press console. Depending on the press console, the transfer may be electronic or via transfer to a job card or disk.

Cost Savings with KeySetter Pro

While automation and productivity improvements are important to ever busy printer, the cost of such improvements must also be justifiable. KeySetter Pro typically pays for itself through cost savings in less than one year and in many cases, in as little as six to seven months. Users have reported a reduction in make-ready time and material waste between 20%-50% when using KeySetter Pro versus a make-ready with no automatic ink key presetting.

For a complimentary cost savings analysis, contact Xitron or any Xitron Dealer. To learn more about KeySetter Connect and the entire line of Xitron pressroom workflow solutions, visit Xitron on the web at and select Pressroom from the home page. For immediate assistance call Xitron at  +1 734-913-8080 option 4 or email

KeySetter Connect

KeySetter Connect provides the ultimate in press console ink key presetting automation by directly connecting to the press console. Click here for more information on KeySetter Connect.

Compatible Press Consoles

PressConsole.pngClick the console for a complete listing of press consoles compatible with KeySetter Pro.