KeySetter Connect

Direct connection to press consoles for Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, manroland, Shinohara

Fully Automated Ink Key Presetting with KeySetter Connect


KeySetter Connect provides the ultimate automation for ink key presetting by calculating the initial ink key setting required for individual jobs and directly connecting to the press console making the transfer of the data quick and simple.

With three simple steps, KeySetter can make preparing for printing as easy as ready, set, print.

First the job file is sent from the prepress department to the KeySetter software application.

Next KeySetter examines the file and generates the initial ink key settings and then produces either a proprietary file format to be read by a specific press. Job data may be sent from the prepress workflow to KeySetter either as a TIFF, CIP3/CIP4 or if necessary, KeySetter may be equipped with its own low resolution RIP to provide the necessary input.

Finally the KeySetter ink key file is transferred to the press console.

Transferring Ink Key Settings Using KeySetter Connect

KeySetterConnect-W-F2.pngThe connection with KeySetter Connect is as easy as inserting a KeySetter Job Card into the press console with many presses.

The KeySetter console interface is connected to the KeySetter Connect software running on a PC located at the press console.

KeySetter Connection includes a touch-screen monitor that allows the press operator to control the application with a few simple selections via the interface.

Preparing a job to print is simple with KeySetter Connect:


1. Select the job file sent from prepress to the KeySetter workflow server.



2. Set the initial ink key values received from the job file.



3. Print the job.


KeySetter Connect Press Curves

KeySetter Connect “learns” by allowing the final job settings used to print the job to be sent back to KeySetter. As more and more jobs are printed, the KeySetter application utilizes this information to make the initial settings more accurate.

Realizing that the ink settings would vary based on the paper stock being run, KeySetter Connect allows up to three different paper curves to be established and used by the press operator providing even greater flexibility.

Cost Savings with KeySetter Connect

While automation and productivity improvements are important to ever busy printer, the cost of such improvements must also be justifiable. KeySetter Connect typically pays for itself through cost savings in less than one year and in many cases, in as little as six to seven months. Users have reported a reduction in make-ready time and material waste between 30%-50% when using KeySetter Connect versus a make-ready with no automatic ink key presetting. Running an previous job may result in make-ready time and materials waste savings of as much as 90%.

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Compatible Press Consoles

PressConsole.pngClick the console for a complete listing of press consoles compatible with KeySetter Connect.