2017 Press Releases 

Xitron Begins Shipping Raster Blaster Pro

PR17-7 Xitron Begins Shipments of Raster Blaster Pro.pdf

Xitron Workflow Behind Must See 'Em Winners at Print 17 

PR17-6 Xitron Software Behind Print 17 Must See 'Ems.pdf

Xitron Inks Workflow Development Agreement with Liaoning Basch Digital
PR17-5 Xitron and Liaoning Basch.pdf

Xitron Develops Interface for Popular Fujifilm CTP Engines
PR17-4 Support for Fujifilm Vx CTP Engines.pdf

Xitron Sells 4,500th Screen PT-R Interface

PR17-3 Xitron 4,500 Screen Interfaces.pdf

Xitron Celebrates 40th Year as Provider of Prepress Independence

PR17-2 Xitron 40th.pdf

Xitron Announces Release of New Inkjet Plug-in 
PR17-1 Xitron Inkjet Direct.pdf